BF 52 Pick-Up

One Good Turn Deserves Another…
My dog loves the park behind our house more than life and we go there most every day so she can see who’s left what scent behind from the day before. On one particular day, she found a very sick 6 week old kitten. Lucky for everyone, Daphey lives with cats and just wanted to say hi to this tiny bundle of fur. I scooped that baby up and brought him home with me. It’s late in the evening and I have a big art show in the morning. What am I going to do?! This sweet kitty needs medical attention and a soft place to fall. I start making calls but am having no luck. And then I encounter the “Angel” …Ms. Angela Goodwin of Buster’s Friends Rescue who says she will come by and get Izzy at my show the next day (yeah, I named him… I thought he was a she at the time). So, now Isaac is a big beautiful lover boy with a wonderful loving home and I am forever grateful for what Angela did that day. I always joke with her that I want to buy her a building someday and while that is not fiscally possible for me, I have an alternative that is. 

“Buster’s Friends 52 Canvas Pick Up”
I  created an original acrylic painting once a week for a year for Buster’s Friends. We held an event at Winter Street Studios on October 11th of 2014. Every cent went to help Buster’s Friends save and treat homeless animals. I am thrilled to say that we raised just shy of $20,000!

(Click on the thumbnails below to see all of the images. Every painting sold that evening!)

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