How it works…

I work from photographs when doing a commission. The photos do not need to be professionally done and actually having several photos can be very helpful. If you have a color palette in mind, I can work within that range. After looking over the photos, I create a loose color sketch with a whimsical background…the road map for the painting. At that point, a $200 deposit is required, and then the painting process begins.



Ballpark Commissioned Painting Prices…
(Below pricing is for one pet with moderate detail… for multiple pets in one painting or more detail, contact me and I can give you a firmer estimate.

12 x 12, 12 x 16: $800
14 x 18: $950
16 x 20, 16 x 16: $1100
18 x 24, 18 x 18 $1300
18 x 36, 22 x 28: $1600
For larger canvases, contact me and I can get you a firm quote.

Painted Pet Parties


If a commissioned piece is out of your price range, come join one of my painted pet parties! The cost is just $65 per person. How does it work? You send me a pic of your 4-legged ahead of time and I will do the line work for you ahead of time. We will paint a common background together at the session and then you can paint your pet (with my guidance) the colors that work for you. This process takes about three hours and you leave with a completed painting of your love. And I always add flourishes at the end to enhance the canvas. See what others have done at my studio here: Painted Pet Parties!

Upload Your Favorite Image

Have a favorite photo of your 4-legged that you’d like to share with me in the hopes that I might use it in one of my future paintings? I love getting inspiration from pics that my fans send me. You can upload your images here. Should I decide to incorporate it into a piece, I will notify you (and give you special pricing on a matted print or canvas print of the work).