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So I posted this illustration on Facebook which I did out of frustration at this crappy dude #Harvey and people started asking for prints of it. I was really reluctant because I am not about profiting from a disaster like this. But I had also been feeling a bit helpless in my safe and dry house in Houston… I had donated to various charities the first few days following the devastation but was craving a way to help through my art and here it appeared! The proceeds (minus shipping and supplies) from this print go straight to the relief fund (specifically the fund that JJ Watt set up at youcaring.com). The brim of the hat can be personalized with a family name or whatever you like. Give it as a gift of thanks to someone that helped you or buy it for yourself. Know that your dollars are going directly to the charity.  #Houstonproud #texasproud #texantough

Texas, Hold on to Your Hat! https://www.etsy.com/li…/540435256/texas-hold-on-to-your-hat

Update: Your purchases have resulted in $1540 being donated to JJ’s Relief Fund. That is awesome! You get a nice print and all the proceeds (minus shipping) get donated.. win/win!

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