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My Buster’s Friends 52 Canvas Pick-Up event is in the books and I have to say that I am so thrilled with how it turned out. Every painting went to a new home and we raised in the neighborhood of 12 grand for Buster’s! This was the biggest give-back I have ever done (an original acrylic painting a week for 52 weeks) and it feels pretty darn good. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported us. Your dollars are going to save many lives :-)

If you missed what this was all about, you can read more here and also see all the paintings as well:

Doing my happy-tired dance today…

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BF52 Project Nearing the End…. Woohoo! You are Invited…

Almost a year ago, I had this idea about creating a painting a week for a year to benefit Buster’s Friends Rescue. I am now on the cusp of its completion and getting pretty excited about it. I have enjoyed doing it and I will admit that is was more of a challenge than I expected. Those weeks click by pretty fast and with the pace of my show schedule, carving out the time each week to do this was a juggling act. But I am looking at the finish line ahead and realizing what a difference these pieces can make for this animal rescue group. If you are in the Houston area on October 11th, please join us for the “Buster’s Friends 52 Canvas Pick-Up”. All of the paintings will be up for auction in the upstairs gallery at Winter Street Studios from 2 to 5 pm. We will have light bites and adult beverages. And know that 100% of your purchase will go toward the vetting and rehoming of animals.

The photo here shows many of the works that will be up for grabs. Check out the full album here:

Photo by Tim Murphy

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Feel-Good Art Cards Are Here!

I have been asked by many if I have any cards with my art on them, and even more so if I have pet sympathy cards. I thought that would be a wonderful fit for my art. My followers have the best ideas. So here they are! Whether it’s the loss of a pet you want to acknowledge or just say hello, they are sure to bring a smile. These cards come in sets of eight with matching envelopes  and can be mixed in any way you like. The direct link to order them can be found here:


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Mardi-Art Coloring Books Are Here!

So I decided to create a coloring book with my illustration work and have all the money (every cent… the printing costs were covered by a few ads and generous sponsors) go toward the vetting and re-homing of shelter animals. It is 36 pages of coloring fun and only $10 per book. They make perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays. So go get yourself one or ten and know that your money will be much appreciated and allow Buster’s Friends Rescue to save many lives in 2014! They are available for purchase at


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Introducing the 52 Canvas Pick-Up (benefitting Buster’s Friends Rescue)

One Good Turn Deserves Another…
My dog loves the park behind our house more than life and we go there most every day so she can see who’s left what scent behind from the day before. On one particular day, she found a very sick 6 week old kitten. Lucky for everyone, Daphey lives with cats and just wanted to say hi to this tiny bundle of fur. I scooped that baby up and brought him home with me. So, it’s late in the evening and I have a big art show in the morning. What am I going to do?! This sweet kitty needs medical attention and a soft place to fall. I start making calls but am having no luck. And then I encounter the “Angel” …Ms. Angela Goodwin of Buster’s Friends Rescue who says she will come by and get Izzy at my show the next day (yeah, I named him… I thought he was a she at the time). So, now Issac is a big beautiful lover boy with a wonderful loving home and I am forever grateful for what Angela did that day. I always joke with her that I want to buy her a building someday and while that is not fiscally possible for me, I have an alternative that is.

Introducing the “52 Canvas Pick Up”
I am creating an original acrylic painting once a week for Buster’s Friends Rescue and will post that work HERE on my website and Facebook fan page as I get them done. Some of them will have a ‘buy it now’ price and some of them will be saved for the event at the end of 52 weeks at Winter Street Studios in mid October of 2014. Every cent will go to help Buster’s Friends save and treat homeless animals. I am thrilled to be able to give back to Buster’s Friends in a big way and am looking forward to what my work and your dollars can do.

Be sure and join us for the kick off party at my studio at 2101 Winter Street (#34) on December 14th from 2 to 5 pm. We’ll treat you to some nibbles, beverages and good cheer. And since it coincides with the normal Winter Street Open Studios, you’ll be able to browse all the other studios there too.

The photo on the right was taken by fab photog Ms. Robyn Arouty of Robyn Arouty Photography. Check out her beautiful work at

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Paws for a Purrpose

I am so excited to be a part of this charity project. 40 Texas artists were chosen to paint 60 fiberglass statues of dogs and cats (Much like the “Cows on Parade”). They will travel the state from now through November. The online bidding process has now been opened up so if you would like a chance at one of my pieces or any of the other beautiful statues, here is the link:

Meet A Purrfect InVESTment, A Woofwhile InVESTment, and Winey Kitteh. So happy with how they came out and very hopeful they will raise some good dollars for a deserving cause! Learn more info about Paws for a Purrpose here:


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A window into what inspires me…

On the right is a photo we took on our visit to The cat house on the kings last October. If you have not been there and you love cats, it’s an amazing place. The other day I ran past a bike leaning up against the wall and thought… “what a perfect place for a cat!” This afternoon I put those two things together…

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So I signed up to be in a show dedicated to the Wizard of Oz. Seemed like a fun theme to work with as the film has so much wonderful imagery. I committed to doing two pieces. Once I got started, the obsession set in. I’d finish a piece and say “That’s the last one” … and then I’d think of something else I wanted to draw. Ended up doing eight pieces for the show and just had a blast creating this art. You can find them all in my Mardi-Art Gallery here on my website (some of the originals are still available). Prints are available on my ETSY site. And it appears that the O to Z Ozstravaganza Show is going to be an annual event, so it looks like it might be a yearly obsession for me 😉

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Buster’s Friends Rescue Calendar!

This is a project that is dear to my heart. I did the layout/design gratis and also donated my art for the calendar. Robyn Arouty Photography donated the photos used as well. So you can be sure that every dollar goes toward saving lives when you buy one. Buster’s Friends Rescue stepped in to help with a very sick kitten I found in a park behind my house. Continue reading

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Exciting Stuff on the Horizon!

So many things have happened in the last few weeks that make me very happy. Finally got juried into what will be my very first BIG art show. Look for me in November (10th and 11th) at the Fort Worth Fine Art Festival. So excited to pack up and head out of town for a show. It’s something I have been wanting to do for some time. Also, just got notification that my art will be included at the Houston Art Crawl on November 17th and 18th. My work will be at the Hardy Nance Building in the Jomar Visions Studio. This, also, is exciting news because it’s hard to get a spot at the Crawl. Lots of folks funnel through those buildings over the weekend, so it’s great exposure. The fall season is shaping up to be my busiest ever and I am so ready. Check out my Showings Page for a full run down on what I have planned and come see me. I have lots of new colorful things to show you. :-)

ps. I add new images periodically to the galleries on this website but if you really want to keep up with everything I am creating… I post new art EVERY day… check out my facebook fan page.

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