Twelve Reasons…

Twelve Reasons to Keep Houston Beautiful
This is my current “Give Back” project for 2016/17. Bayou City Art Festival showed me what an amazing community there is that surrounds me in Houston, TX. The support from everyone that came out and genuinely wished me well as the featured artist and/or bought art was incredible that weekend. Still beaming from all of it almost a year later!

In return, I have chosen Keep Houston Beautiful for a year-long fundraising project. One of the many things that KHB does is teach children and adults about the importance of keeping our city clean. Everything that gets thrown on the ground has potential to harm our wildlife as it reaches the water tables. I will be painting a species each month in a whimsical and colorful way to help bond people with these creatures that are indigenous to the Houston area… hopefully instilling in our population a desire to keep our habitat (and theirs’) clean by getting to know these animals personally in their “homes”…

This project kicked off in October of 2016 and will wrap up on October 14th of 2017 when all of these paintings will be available for purchase at our Twelve Reasons auction event in my studio #3B at Winter Street Studios. 100% of the proceeds from these works will go to Keep Houston Beautiful. 🙂 Save the date!

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Want to know more about Keep Houston Beautiful? Want to get involved? Check them out —> Keep Houston Beautiful

You can keep up with all of the paintings as I create them below…
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