3 to 5 Words…

3 to 5 Words

So, I am super excited about a new series of original paintings called “3 to 5 Words”… It was born from my morning runs. I mostly run alone and in doing so often catch about three to five words of conversation as I pass other walkers and joggers. This snippet of conversation has fascinated me over the last year or so… recently, I finally started writing them down in my phone… I have hundreds of fun phrases now… watch out, I am listening!

I now make up my own story with those overheard words. So if you catch me at a show or in my studio in 2020, I will be sure to have a series of them there for your enjoyment along with some metal reproductions as well.

You can see many of them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AEMgallery/?section_id=28364555

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April Murphy

When I was in college, I was captivated by a painting at a nearby art museum: “The River Seine at Chatou” by Andre Derain. I would go and sit in front of it every week. Something about the colors…It JUST made me feel good. No matter what my mood, when I looked at it, I smiled. When I left, I felt happy. My goal as an artist is to do for others what Derain did for me...to lighten a mood and bring a smile….a pretty top-knotch way to make a living in my book!