Painted Pet Parties


Are you a follower of my colorful and whimsical art? Would you like to come to the studio and paint your own pet in my style? Or are you looking for a fun activity at your location or event? Well, read on… 

I also have Painted Pet Party Travel Kits for anyone that would like to do this at home (there’s more about that down below). 

Options At My Studio…
Have a friend or two or you just want to come by yourself to paint your pet? Sign up to “join a party.”  You will meet new fur-lovin’ friends and get your creative on. I typically do one or two  “join a party” events with corresponding backgrounds each month.  Cost is $65 per person. Bring your food/drink of preference. Alcohol is fine 🙂

Private Studio Parties: Gather up a group of 8 people (or less) and pick any day and time on my calendar that is open. Celebrate a birthday or have a team-building experience for your office. With a private party, you have the flexibility of picking your preferred background(s) from the images at the bottom of this page. Cost is $450 for 8 people. Bring your food/drink of preference.

Offsite or Large Party Options:
Want to host a paint party at your location/event and/or you have more than 8 people? Contact me for details and pricing. I can accomodate up to 20 people in one session.

How Does It Work?
Once you have signed up, you’ll send me a photo or three of your 4-legged. I will draw in a whimsical likeness on your canvas with your choice of backgrounds from the offerings at the bottom of this page. When you arrive at the studio, your piece will be there waiting for you. Together, step by step, we will paint your pet’s portrait. Classes last approximately 3 hours. You can bring whatever you want to eat and drink (yes, alcohol is fine). We will have fun! Don’t stress… I will be there to help all the way through it and at the end I will touch up all the lines and add final highlights. I can fix anything… think of it as a no-fail paint-by-number experience.

Here is an example of the process: When you arrive, the line art of your pet and the chosen background will be done. Then your time will be spent filling in the color… (I will help you select colors too) and at the end, I can touch up all your lines and add some special touches, should you want that. See… no stress! There is nothing that happens on that canvas that I cannot fix 😉


Contact me to reserve a join a party spot (from the dates below) or to schedule a party of your own. The cost is $65 a person for the “Join a Party” dates unless otherwise specified in the date list below. Private parties are $450 for 8 people and can be scheduled any day/eve as long as I am in town. Larger parties and offsite events are quoted individually. Fees include all supplies.

Remaining 2017 “Join-A-Party” Dates (see corresponding backgrounds at the bottom of this page):

  • Dec 2nd (Saturday) 2-5 pm (Bkgnd – Under the Mistletoe or Cultured Critter): FULL
  • Dec 9th (Saturday) 3-6 pm (Bkgnd – Lone Star Critter or Cultured Critter: FULL


  • Jan 20th (Saturday) 2-5 pm (Bkgnd – Bookworm or Art Class)
    6 spots available
  • Feb 3rd (Saturday) 2-5 pm (Bkgnd – Cultured Critter or My Heart)
    4 spots available
  • Feb 17th (Saturday) 2-6 pm (NEW! Special 2 Pet Larger Canvas! – Be Mine)
    1 spot left
    Note: Class is longer because of 2 pets and larger canvas/cost is $90
  • March 18th (Sunday) 2-5 pm (Bkgnd – Lucky Me or Rock Star)
    5 spots available
  • April 21st (Saturday) 2-5 pm (Bkgnd – Moonlit Eve or Bluebonnets)
    7 spots available

Want to do it at Home? Order a Travel Kit for $99
How does this work? You send a few pics of your pet to me at and then pick your preferred background (shown below). I will create the linework on your canvas and color code it. Think of it as a custom paint by number kit. When you are finished, you will pop it back in the mail to me (there is a return label in the kit) and I will do the final “magic pixie dust” touches and then send it back to you. And Voila! You will have a painting of your love that you will be proud to hang on your wall. 

Group Travel Kits Now Available: Get a group of friends together and order a group kit for your gathering. When you are all done, you’ll just pop them all back in the box and send them back to me where I will do all the magic pixie dust. Then I will send them all back to you and you can distribute the masterpieces.

And be sure and “like/follow” my Painted Pet Party Facebook page to see all the fun that happens:

Note that your pet’s image will be in the place of these critters below and depending on your species (dog, cat, horse, goat, etc).. the sun or other elements will change to reflect that. So if you have a dog, it’s a bone sun, if a cat, then a fish would replace the bone, etc.