Three to Five Words

Covid19 in Three to Five Words

My kickstarter campaign in 2020 to produce this book was a big success thanks to my wonderful supporters! The project was born in mid March of 2020 and I had the books in my hands on October 1st. That's pretty awesome when I think about the disruption to business Covid-19 caused. And then there is the fact that I painted over 60 paintings for this book and did the production work myself. Balfour Fine Books did a fantastic job... the color on each page is so vivid.

If you'd like to buy a book, I still have about 150 left.

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The Journaling Section
Record your thoughts while they are still fresh in your memory. You can transcribe them to the the journaling section (in the middle of the book) or just tuck your pages from below inside. There are two versions below (adult and young person because the questions begged to be a little different for each).

Download adult pdf version of the journaling pages
Download young person pdf version of the journaling pages

Check Out My Kickstarter Campaign
(it has ended but there is lots of good info there including videos, timelines, sample art, and the budget.

How this project came about

When the pandemic hit my community, my art festivals around the country were canceled and my studio building shut down to the public. At the time, I was starting a new series of work surrounding what I call “Three to Five Words.” My inspiration comes from short snippets of conversation that I overhear when passing others in public. When the order to “Shelter in Place” came about, I turned to press conferences, news, and social media for my phrases. I began to realize I was recording history as I painted. I posted them to my personal Facebook page as a break for my friends from otherwise stressful news, and I knew I was on to something. People were enjoying them and looking for them each day. The colors are bright, and the animals bring a smile. I was witnessing what my art could do at a time when we need it most... to be a light against a dark and uncertain landscape.

What's In the Book

There are 120 pages of #3to5words art with a factoid of what inspired it on the opposing page (along with a sourced reference)...  A coffee table book that tells a tough story in a light way. Also included is a section where the reader can record their own memories of how this all went down for them personally. I am passionately behind this endeavor and while it started out as a way for me to process this time in history, it has turned into much more. 

My intention is to put this book into all the hands that can benefit from it. I have a reputable printer behind me (Balfour) who is well known for its long and successful history of the manufacturing, sales and marketing of class rings, yearbooks, letter jackets and graduation regalia. They also produce quality fine books. 

I am thrilled and humbled that I have a supportive community around me who are as excited as I am about the realization of this project! To reach far beyond that is my ultimate dream!