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About April

When I was in college, I was captivated by a painting at a nearby art museum: “The River Seine at Chatou” by Andre Derain. I would go and sit in front of it every week.

Something about the colors…It JUST made me feel good. No matter what my mood, when I looked at it, I smiled.

When I left, I felt happy. My goal as an artist is to do for others what Derain did for lighten a mood and bring a smile….a pretty top-knotch way to make a living in my book! Read More

painting of three colorful curious cats with stripes
april murphy painting
happy colorful dog

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3 to 5 Words…

So, I am super excited about a new series of original paintings called "3 to 5 Words"... It was born from my morning runs. I mostly run alone and in...
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Good Morning 2019!

“Human, You Just Need a Good Run” 2019 is tomorrow… I started my change-about a few weeks ago… why wait? It started when I got to Austin for Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and...
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Home with the Armadillo…

It's December and that means Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is around the corner. This will be my fourth year to do this show and it remains one of my most challenging...
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Collaboration is King!

As an artist, I had up until recently, never collaborated. But I had this idea for a show at our studios where we would all collaborate. And thanks to two...
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Muttinet at the Mewvies!

Very excited to share my largest painting to date (48 x 72)... so much detail here. I am sure you can find all sorts of personalities that you have sat...
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Inspiration is a crazy thing... people ask me all the time "What inspires you?" ...truth is it's anything and everything. And most of the time an image just pops into...
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