About April

Before AEM Gallery

My passion for art began as early as I can remember at a little round yellow table full of art supplies in my bedroom (thanks to my parents who nurtured this talent as a child). And even though it remained a passion throughout my early life, when it was time for college and beyond, I decided on graphic design as a career. I spent the next 25 years doing what I thought was my dream job and loved almost every minute of it.

The beginning of my art career

It wasn’t until 2008 when a first-ever layoff landed in my lap that I turned to art again. With full intentions of looking for another position in marketing and design, I picked up a brush and started painting for a creative outlet before starting the job hunt. To my delight, my work started selling and the rest is history. The first few years were not easy and I worked relentlessly to make this thing happen. Houston has so many opportunities for artists starting a career and I am forever grateful for that.

april murphy and her cat
april murpy paianting

As I honed my skills, I began doing art festivals and hanging work anywhere I could get it in front of people. The real turning point was being chosen as the featured artist for Bayou City Art Festival Memorial Park in 2016, a top-ranked art event in the US. Other opportunities followed that, including commissions for Memorial Hermann Greater Heights and KPRC Channel 2 News. This good fortune has paved the way to the charity side of things.

Where I am Now

I am so grateful for what has come my way and the best way I know to give thanks is to turn that around to others. My other passion is animals and while I don’t have the fortitude to fight in the trenches for them (bless those that do!), I can raise money. Projects have ranged from Paws for a Purpose (a state-wide art project) to 12 reasons (a Keep Houston Beautiful year-long personal fundraiser) and now my latest addition as one of three lead artists for AFTA (Artists for the Animals) in conjunction with Dog Lodge (check out doglodge.org for more info on this amazing facility!).

I have a beautiful studio at Winter Street Studios in Houston TX and am thankful for every artful day because I get to go to the studio and make something and at the same time, make a difference.